Getting it wrong

So I should probably say that I have a bad case if ADD I don’t always make the best decisions and I am extremely forgetful, so much that I make notes for things like grocery shopping then regularly forget to bring the notes with me. My life is a constant chore of notes and planning anything is a struggle. So it should not surprise anyone or me least of all that I was one day late in renewing my tourist visa again in Colombia and that my mediocre spanish was not suficient in explaining that at the immigration office. The guy that forgets everything screwed up again, hence my first entry should have been about that and the reason this blog is called a long journey home. I returned to Colombia as my fiance is sort of stuck here herself, as her father passed away just a year before we met and she had moved to the ranch what is called a finca here, to help her mother and to assist in running the sizeable place. The main business of the finca is milk cows currently there are 15 milking and about 60 in total; I should also note that me and the Continue reading “Getting it wrong”


A little background

I am originally from the USA but having been living in Colombia on and off since 2013 when I met the mother of my now 18 month old son Paul. I came to Colombia in December of 2013 to meet my girlfriend and now fiance my son was born a year later premature by about 6 weeks. I had to leave Colombia in February of 2015 and pay a small fine for overstaying my visa; because my son was premature he spent a lot of time in the hospital and most of my interaction with him was in hospitals and just about 2 weeks outside before I had to return. Little did I know that when I returned to the US I would myself be spending time in hospitals and treatment as I had dropped a lot of weight in my final few months in Colombia and seemed as if all of my energy had disappeared. A long story short after having spent 12 weeks going through cancer treatment and my entire savings and not knowing if or when the cancer may return as I am now in remission. I felt I needed to be with my son, to get to know him as my own father died when I was very young and I never knew him nor had photos of him, so I sold my car and booked a flght to be there for his first birthday.