Colombia vs. USA

After finishimg the main course for lunch which in Colombia is the big meal of the day.


It is  now time to find a place to watch Colomvia and the USA slug iit out for 3rd place in Copa America soccer. Colombja beat USA in the previous showing between the the two teams. A quuck internet search shows no sports bars or pubs so let’s ask people where is a good place for a gringo to watch the match up. So far I have received  3 different recommendatiins from 3 different people. Futbol in Colomvia like the rest of the world is huge, but I can bet that most of my friends back home are not even aware the USA is playing for 3 rd place in the America’s biggest soccer event outside of the World Cup. I will let you know what I find and how it goes.

A good day with good food

I hooe to spend at least one day of each thay arr coming enjoying something rico as the Colombians would say, today that included good food at a nice restaurant. Tgis is the view from Darpapaya restaurant in Armenia Quindio.



Beautiful view from my table. I opted for cerviche colombiano as a starter.


The Journey Begins

This evening I will begin the first leg of my journey from southern Colombia to Ibague Tolima Colombia near Medellin by taking and overnight bus. Buses in Colombia are not expensive and are quite comfortable, though the drivers do have a tendency to drive quickly and the roads can vary in condition and twists and turns are to be expected; this combined with the speed makes sleeping a little difficult. I am heading to Ibague because I need to get some things that I cannot get in the small pueblo where I have been living, so this leg of the trip will be short and with the plan of passing the night on the bus. In Ibague I want to get a fishing pole and some hooks for the long journey north as I know soon I will be walking as my funds run out and being able to feed myself occasionally will be a good thing, and also I like fishing. Passing the last day with my son as much as packing has allowed me to, we are currently laying across the bed now so he can grab a nap and maybe me too, while watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or the spanish named Lluvia de Hamburguesas. More later when I will include the cost of the bus ticket  from Suaza Huila Colombia to Ibague Tolima Colombia. I actually plan to pass a couple of days in Armenia in the cafetero region and found a little basic hotel in Armenia for only 36000 colombian pesos about 12 dollars a night. Hotel Vermon is the name.

Getting it wrong

So I should probably say that I have a bad case if ADD I don’t always make the best decisions and I am extremely forgetful, so much that I make notes for things like grocery shopping then regularly forget to bring the notes with me. My life is a constant chore of notes and planning anything is a struggle. So it should not surprise anyone or me least of all that I was one day late in renewing my tourist visa again in Colombia and that my mediocre spanish was not suficient in explaining that at the immigration office. The guy that forgets everything screwed up again, hence my first entry should have been about that and the reason this blog is called a long journey home. I returned to Colombia as my fiance is sort of stuck here herself, as her father passed away just a year before we met and she had moved to the ranch what is called a finca here, to help her mother and to assist in running the sizeable place. The main business of the finca is milk cows currently there are 15 milking and about 60 in total; I should also note that me and the Continue reading “Getting it wrong”