The Journey Begins

This evening I will begin the first leg of my journey from southern Colombia to Ibague Tolima Colombia near Medellin by taking and overnight bus. Buses in Colombia are not expensive and are quite comfortable, though the drivers do have a tendency to drive quickly and the roads can vary in condition and twists and turns are to be expected; this combined with the speed makes sleeping a little difficult. I am heading to Ibague because I need to get some things that I cannot get in the small pueblo where I have been living, so this leg of the trip will be short and with the plan of passing the night on the bus. In Ibague I want to get a fishing pole and some hooks for the long journey north as I know soon I will be walking as my funds run out and being able to feed myself occasionally will be a good thing, and also I like fishing. Passing the last day with my son as much as packing has allowed me to, we are currently laying across the bed now so he can grab a nap and maybe me too, while watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or the spanish named Lluvia de Hamburguesas. More later when I will include the cost of the bus ticket  from Suaza Huila Colombia to Ibague Tolima Colombia. I actually plan to pass a couple of days in Armenia in the cafetero region and found a little basic hotel in Armenia for only 36000 colombian pesos about 12 dollars a night. Hotel Vermon is the name.


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