Getting it wrong

So I should probably say that I have a bad case if ADD I don’t always make the best decisions and I am extremely forgetful, so much that I make notes for things like grocery shopping then regularly forget to bring the notes with me. My life is a constant chore of notes and planning anything is a struggle. So it should not surprise anyone or me least of all that I was one day late in renewing my tourist visa again in Colombia and that my mediocre spanish was not suficient in explaining that at the immigration office. The guy that forgets everything screwed up again, hence my first entry should have been about that and the reason this blog is called a long journey home. I returned to Colombia as my fiance is sort of stuck here herself, as her father passed away just a year before we met and she had moved to the ranch what is called a finca here, to help her mother and to assist in running the sizeable place. The main business of the finca is milk cows currently there are 15 milking and about 60 in total; I should also note that me and the
mother in law do not get along. Anyway so I forgot to get my visa renewed having missed it by a single day and me being on a very tight budget while I was waiting for immigration to tell me hiw much of a fine I had to pay my cheap return flight left without me. So here I am unable to pay the fine and with about 250 dollars to my name and technically illegally in Colombia and needing to get home to the USA. So I thought I would go overland and that trip begins in about 48 hours. I cannot just book a cheap flight out of Colombia because I can’t afford to pay the fine so a discreet borser crossing is necessary at this point as the person at immigration told me when I could not pay the fine that the police would handle it then. Very nice people at the immigration office. But what should I expect as it was my fault and the second time I have overstayed my welcome in Colombia. I should uave just gotten the parent visa paperwork started when I arrived butvthis was an impromptu journey to begin with and I made no plan beyond being here for my son’s first birthday and Christmas. So Darien Gap here I come. For those who do not know The Darien is a break in the Pan American highway of about 90 miles of jungle and waterways that have kept the highway from being completed and few pass that way that are not drug runners or leftist guerillas. ELN or FARC. My journey will begin with a bus ride from southern colombia to the town of Turbo in the north of Colombia more on that when it begins in the next 48 hours.


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